All You Need to Know About TrackScoreOnline




TrackScoreOnline is a simple score tracker app/software made for those who doesn't want to bother themselfs with fancy websites only to take a notes of the progress of their team/group competion results.


How to create a leaderboard


From the home page click on "Create New Leaderboard" button or go directly to the leaderboard creation page. From there fill the form with the basic information of your competition like the title, the description and the scoring system to use. Once done, click "Next".

In the next screen enter your players list one-by-one, we only ask for the player's name which can be any text you want. then click "Next".

Finally, you have the screen with the leaderboard's links to share among the concerned people. The public link which will present the live results and the admin link to manage, update & edit the leaderboard.