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It's time to track your competition progress

Build a beautiful, simple and online score boards for your competitions with flexible settings and templates.

Get started

Carefuly crafted templates ready to use in your competition

Use Atomic Design to build components, sections and, then, pages.

Design your board

Quick ready-to-use (FREE) templates that fits most of your competition types.

Record the fun

Don't loose the progress of your teams. Keep track of it and share it to the world!

Reward your winners

Every competition has a winner, every winner is a hero, heroes deserve prices!

Key features
Simplicity is our currency
100% Responsive

Built to be drawn at all screens.


Perfect for live events and moments.

Nothing to install

All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Fully customizable

Play with your board settings and define the specifics of your event.

Optional authentication

In case you are stressed with time, that's Ok! No account required. Go and use all the feature!


Build a community around your competition.

Share the fun

Use the public link to share the board to the world.

Integrated version

You can have an embeddable version of the board you created to included in your websites and/or apps.


Share the admin link and collaborate with anyone you choose instantly. No signup required again!